Our services

Faradeh company has been Founded in 2008, Faradeh focused on customers orientation in it’s services. Faradeh is a professional engineering in field of passive network projects and also providing smart lighting solutions . in order to having best possible quality in our services and sell departments,,faradeh has some cooperation  companies that works with them to achieving the best results.

Our using products

 Faradeh always has used the word’s best and remarkable productions for it’s project,even smaller of them.in order to achieving best results of an implementation,  using high quality materials are expected, because of these reasons Fardeh is working with greatest company in their working fields such as LEGRAND & LANDE for    it’s  projects in passive network. in some cases Faradeh also produce some of equipment by itself such as KVM consuls for monitoring purpose.
LANDE A.Ş is a manufacturer of Rack Cabinet and accessories with the highest level of knowledge in Turkey. It was established in 2012 by a team that leads the sector with its experience of 20 years in order to develop and market innovative, ergonomic, economic and functional products. It is a professional solution partner with its 19” Rack Cabinets and accessories, Telecom Field Cabinets (indoor/outdoor), Server and Datacenter Cabinets and a wide range of further products for IT sector. It introduces a new concept in the sector thanks to its affordable and practical high-quality products designed according to the ever-changing market conditions and customer requirements.

In 2011, Legrand Arteor was the largest globally for switches and sockets,with 20% of the global market, and it was also globally largest in cable management (15% ofle the global market), generating 75% of its turnover internationally.It ranks second in India for sales of switches and sockets, and ranks first for miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and distribution boards (DBs).

The Group is also expanding its product range with regards to sustainable development and energy saving technologies, and also has developed new products for photovoltaic installations and lighting control.

Passive networks references

Since Faradeh has been established , it had started to work in the field of passive network projects for different purposes and different clients,in this decade .

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