Faradeh’s Lighting panel

in order to completing the lighting equipment and luminaires, for commercial purposes, Faradeh’s R&D team have designed a high quality fixture made by best materials and equipment such as Samsung LED chip-sets manufactured in turkey’s factory. this lighting panel designed in to different types 36Watt .and 40Watt .this fixture is tested in photometer laboratory in Istanbul ,test file  is available below for more details.


پنل ال ای دی ، روشنایی هوشمند ، helvar


 in addition this luminaire has another option also,ability of changing color and temperature of light from 2500K to 5000k. for some reasons ,like health for hospitals it will be so useful




about used equipment and other Advantages

Helvar’s Dali LED driver

Dali protocol supported

Reducing the power consumption

With Samsung LED chip-sets

Long life time for all equipment

Integrated capability with other systems

capability of color controlling systems(optional)



For more information about last price list please send a massege